Yes, It Can Be Done Today!
——Part Two in a series on the revival of Liturgical Arts

Susan Jacoby To Pope: Stop Aggravating Me!
——How dare the Pope continue to be Catholic!

Ridiculous Ruling Roils Religious
——See no sin, hear no sin, hire sinner!

Sursum Corda! Some Good News in Liturgical Art
——Part One in a series on the revival of Liturgical Arts

Why I Love Jesus Meme
——Curt Jester has memed us. Don’t worry, it is not as painful as it sounds.

The Dismaying News of a New Birth
——Catholic nutjob contributes to overpopulation.

List of People Not to Hire for Church Architecture
——Architecture resource web site is veritable wrecking crew.

News & Opinion

Behind the Time Headline
This headline from the Windy City Times is a little behind the times. Surgeon General Nomination in Limbo by Bob Roehr. Limbo is like so…yesterday. And the media accuses us of trying to bring back the dark ages. Sheesh.

War of the Ring is Lost
——Student loses quest for the ring.

Cartoonist Compares U.S. Soldiers to Terrorists, Mocks Religion
——This is the most sickening cartoon I’ve ever seen. Period.

Trautman: Not In My Diocese!
——My ineffable revulsion for what the Bishop has wrought to thwart the motu proprio is unfeigned.

Summorum Pontificum: A Template for Tardy Bishops
——CMR lends the bishops a hand.

An Abnormal Life In the Me-Centric Universe
——It is all about how you define normal.