Anonymous Martyrs of Today
——MSM shrugs at Christian martyrdom.

The Other End of the Spectrum
——The sad response of a Midwest pastor to the Motu Proprio

Evangelical Minister Attacks Sen. Brownback’s Catholicism
——Rev. Tim Rude is…well…rude!

Oregon’s First Female Priest?
——Matthew for President and I am a cowboy. Just sayin’ it doesn’t make it so.

My Favorite Priest
——Msgr McDonald shows once again what a ‘Good Priest’ should do.

Nationwide Phenomenon of Priests Learning Latin
——Washington Times report that Priests are turning up “in droves” to learn the Latin Mass.

The Chaos Theory
——Pope gives wonderful remarks on the period post-council.

New Catholic Charities Prez in Boston Fails to Inspire Me
——Tiziana Dearing — Not very Catholic or Charitable?

Cardinal Martini is Tilting at Windmills
——The famously liberal Cardinal is taking a stand against the motu proprio!

Art & Architecture
A Visit to Ave Maria University
——D Mac gives us a first hand report of his visit to Ave Maria and he is not impressed.

Renewal of Architecture: Duncan Stroik
——The earliest and most persistent voice in the current revival of classical architecture for Catholic liturgical use.

DMac on the Revival of Liturgical Arts
Part One – Sursum Corda! Some Good News
Part Two – Yes, It Can Be Done Today!

An Abnormal Life In the Me-Centric Universe
——It is all about how you define normal.
all-encompassing state.

My Baby is a Knick-Knack
——Parenting is all about a good defense.

Summorum Pontificum: I May Have to Move to Virginia
——After seeing this pastor’s response, I may have to move to McLean!