Barry Bonds and Cafeteria Catholics
——What is a Catholic to do in a Barry Bonds world?

To SSPX or Not to SSPX?
——Navigating the treacherous waters of Schismatic Illicit polemics.

What’s the Harm?
——When harmless public policy based on bad science kills tens of millions, we just look the other way.

Oy Vey!
——Opinion piece in the Indy Star trots out all the usual nonsense.

Doomed….Doomed I Say!
——Nothing beats the Apocalypse for entertainment value.

China: Raise fewer babies but more piggies.
——China so devalues human life, Matthew is at a loss for words.

Missing Mass? It’ll cost you!
——Forget about mortal sin or hell, now it will cost you money!

Prospects improve for Pope-Patriarch “summit”
——After meeting, prospects for a “summit meeting” between the Orthodox prelate and Pope Benedict XVI are steadily improving.

On Vatican II and the Music of the People
——Webster Young says “I am not an authority on Vatican II, but I do know — with the professional musician’s authority — that today music in the Church is mostly disordered. “

Great New Resource for the Extraordinary Form
——St. John Cantius launches new website dedicated to teaching about the 1962 missal.