Gay Gene Bad Science
——Searching for the genetic excuse for sin. Couldn’t we all use a genetic get-out-of-hell free card?

Evolutionary Theory Disproved Once Again Thus Proving Evolution!!!
——Smugness and science do not go well together.

Naked Priest Arrested
——Like we didn’t already have enough problems?

Barry Bonds and Cafeteria Catholics
——What is a Catholic to do in a Barry Bonds world?

To SSPX or Not to SSPX?
——Navigating the treacherous waters of Schismatic Illicit polemics.

What’s the Harm?
——When harmless public policy based on bad science kills tens of millions, we just look the other way.

Any wonder we can’t find Osama?
——In Afghanistan, 900-foot Sleeping Buddha eludes archaeologists

Missing Mass? It’ll cost you!
——Forget about mortal sin or hell, now it will cost you money!

End Catholic “proselytism,” Russian Patriarch demands
——Orthodox Patriarch Alexei II of Moscow has repeated his demand that the Vatican must curb the “proselytism” by Catholic clerics in Russia and eastern Europe.

Socialist ideologue threatens Church: Be quiet or we’ll silence you
——Professor Gregorio Peces-Barba, considered the inspiration behind the current Socialist anti-clericalism in Spain and author of the course ”Education for Citizenship,” has threatened the Catholic Church, warning it to either be silent or “suffer the consequences.”