A storage company in very liberal and abortion friendly New York City put a sign up that’s offending some. (See pic) A lot of people are complaining and I agree that the ad is monstrously distasteful. But in the long run I prefer to know where people stand anyway. This is a democracy. Public debate should be messy.

I don’t necessarily like those trucks that travel the highways with pictures of aborted fetuses on their side. When people have little children in the car that’s just not something parents want their kids to see. But I support their right to do it.

There was a bicycle store near my house for years and in his front window he had posters saying “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart” and other pro-life slogans. I knew of many people who would travel for miles to buy their bicycles from this store. Sadly, I knew a few people who said they’d never go there.

Here’s the thing: I’m all for a vigorous debate in the public sphere. It’s something the Supreme Court stole from us with their decision in Roe V Wade. Nine guys in robes usurped the power of the people to decide an issue which people care passionately. Abortion is, I believe, the defining battle of our time.

I would never store anything with that company in New York. And I would always buy my bicycles from the pro-life bike store owner. And also I can’t help but think that there’s someone somewhere in New York City rethinking abortion based on that billboard. Let’s have it out. I believe the more information that gets out there we win.