The United Nations recently released its global population estimates, revealing an alarming population shift that will have serious worldwide consequences within the near future. How could such a thing have happened? Well, in large part, thanks to the United Nations.

Half a century of promoting population control through contraception and abortion, the United Nation is now shocked at the consequences.

This “unprecedented change, which started in the developed world in the nineteenth century and is more recent in developing countries” is right now “transforming many societies.”

Duh! This is as undoubtedly true as it is obvious. Just about everyone but the U.N. has noted this demographic suicide. Amazingly enough, the U.N. report makes no mention whatsoever of the effects of birth control and abortion on rapidly falling ‘fertility rates’. How the U.N. can turn a blind eye to the obvious roots of the problem and its own complicity in promoting these evils is shocking. This reminds me of a child that continuously plays ball in the house even though he has been warned a dozen times. When he eventually breaks Mrs. Brady’s favorite lamp, says in all earnestness “It wasn’t me!’

O.k. So what do we do about it? According to the U.N…..nothing. We’re doomed.

The population trend profoundly affects every area of human life-economic, political and social-and is “irreversible”, the report claims.

Umm…I don’t know…we could have babies. I am doing my part.