Summorum: Innovative Opposition
——Well, I have to give this priest in the Baton Rouge paper some credit, he does not just recite the party line.

Bishop Criticizes Pope for CDF Document
——Matthew thinks Catholics suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

The Pope or the Dalai Lama?
——Australian TV host John Safran playing a little game of who said this? The big, bad, authoritarian Pope or the cute and cudly Dalai Lama.

Political Correctness Run Amok
——Who is the group so powerful that they can destroy a man’s life for writing something they didn’t like?

Democrats Attacks Jindal’s Catholicism
——Louisiana politics have always been ugly. They just got uglier.

Summorum Open Questions
——John Allen reports that Bishop Trautman is seeking answers to some open questions regarding the motu proprio. Questions such as altar girls and communion under both species.

Facts and Habits: A Meme Repsonse
——Everything you never wanted to know about me!

Pakistani Christian girls kidnapped, forced to convert
——Two young Christian girls in Pakistan were recently kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and married to strangers, the AsiaNews service report.

New poll reveals young Americans find happiness in family and God, not money
——The current generation of young Americans are conflicted over money, reveals a recent survey of 13- to 24-year-olds. Poll results were reported in an Associated Press article.

Jazz Hand: Tales of a One Armed Woman
——Mary Theresa Archbold, sister to the principal bloggers on CMR, and her husband Pat Shay have a family friendly show now playing at this years NYC Fringe Festival entitled “Jazz Hand: Tales of a One Armed Woman”.