It’s nice to see Hollywood caring about money again. No. I mean it. Everyone always tells me that Hollywood doesn’t care about issues. They only care about money. But it seems to me that people went in droves to go see “Passion of the Christ” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.” But then we don’t see much in the way of movies which cater to that audience.

Hey Hollywood, I have some little green rectangles with Presidents on them too. And I’ve got lots of kids who I love taking to the movies. Make some movies for me too.

It’s sad sometimes when I look in the movie listing and I can’t find anything to see for me -never mind taking the kids. And God forgive me I just can’t take them to see Mr. Bean. I just don’t get that whole thing. I look at the movie listings and see “Halloween Part 35.”

This is why I’m pleasantly surprised that “Bella,” the heart-warming life affirming independent film has now officially secured a major distributor for US audiences.

“Bella,” is becoming the little movie that could and has generated interest in many Catholic and anti-abortion circles.

The problem is getting the film in movie theaters around the country for its public premiere early next April because its message is life affirming and runs counter to the social mores of Hollywood. “Bella” was reportedly conceived by three young Mexican men — producer, director and lead actor — who are conservative Catholics and want to make movies removed from Hollywood’s movie culture of sex and violence. Bankrolled by a wealthy Catholic family from Philadelphia, they shot the film in 24 days in New York City.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that “Bella” will be released nationwide in US theaters by October 26 by a major distributor, Roadside Attractions.

Many pro-life and pro-family groups across the country have embraced the film for its unapologetic celebration of life and the beauty of family and for its honest look at the difficult issue of what to do about an unplanned pregnancy.

“Bella” takes place during a single day, and follows lead characters Jose, once a famous athlete, now a chef at his adopted brother’s restaurant, and Nina, a young waitress at the restaurant, who is fired from her job after discovering near the beginning of the film that she is pregnant. Scared and alone, Nina seems to have decided that she cannot continue her pregnancy and abort the child, until Jose, spends an unusual day with her in New York City.

The film stars Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui and is his first debut since a profound conversion transformed one of Mexico’s hottest television and music stars known for an immoral lifestyle, into a humble, devout Catholic, who now says he is driven in everything he does to become a saint.

Metanoia films which made the movie says its mission is to “make movies that matter and have the potential to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

I can’t wait. I want to go see this movie. I love getting my big giant soda and my popcorn. I love going to the movies. Now there might just be a reason to go again.