Serious Thinking About Liturgical Art and Architecture
——D Mac received an e-mail from someone asking if he believes that traditional architecture is the best way to build Catholic churches was some form of nostalgia for something “not of our time.” No, it is much more serious than that.

Church of the Day: St. Nicholas Ukranian Catholic Cathedral, Chicago
——D Mac continues his fascinating series on the Catholic churches of Chicago.

An Exciting Time To Be Catholic!
——Damian Thompson hits the nail on the head.

Reverence and Pavarotti
——Matthew prays and gives thanks for Pavarotti.

Slippery Slopes
——When will we start listening to slippery slope arguments?

I Am Only A Father
——Every day we make decisions that define us.

Calling Abe Foxman
——Outlandish! Insensitive! And of course, True!

Catholic Church-A-Day: Chicago
——D Mac’s series on the Churches of Chicago.

What to say?

A Back to School Story And Modern Day Miracle
——Tommy believed in miracles and now so do I.