Music on the Mend?
—Are there signs of hope for our Catholic musical heritage?

New Catholic College Unapologetically Catholic
—Giving liberal arts a bad name college prez says, “All of our Catholic faculty are required to take an oath of fidelity to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church and must promise to remain faithful in their practice of the faith.”

Latin Mass Televised Today
—But wait! Don’t decide yet. The USCCB has some riveting programming as well.

Father Jimmy or Father Judy?
—Anti-discrimination regulations could open up a Pandora’s box and make for really awkward situations.

Has Catholic Senator Bob Casey Flipped on Abortion?
—Senator’s bizarre flip-flop shames the family name.

Archbishop Burke is My Hero
—Archbishop Burke plays Churchill to the many other episcopal Chamberlains.

CDF Speaks! No Starvation or Dehydration!
——The CDF responds to critical questions regardging the dignity of those in a ‘vegetative state.’

Liturgical committee hopes missal translation completed by 2009
——Take your time, no hurry boys.

CDF is no fan of Phan
——John Allen reports that both the Vatican and the U.S. bishops are investigating a book by a prominent American Catholic theologian, Vietnam-born Fr. Peter Phan of Georgetown University.

I Am Only A Father
——Every day we make decisions that define us.

A Back to School Story And Modern Day Miracle
——Tommy believed in miracles and now so do I.