No Priests? Fine. Women and Gays Can Celebrate Eucharist
—More evidence that the Dutch are still smokin’ dope.

The Worst of the Worst!
—Hold on to your 1962 Missals folks! This is one of the worst responses to the Motu Proprio yet!

Grapes, Raisins and God
—Never get into a debate with a four year old. You don’t stand a chance.

Mystery Illness Strikes Village after Meteor Crash
—CMR Zombie Watch: You can’t be too careful!

Rowan Williams Goes Into the Closet
—Archbishop of Canterbury to attend super secret meeting of LGBT clergy. Seemingly dares schism.

Madonna Traded to Jews
—For two Jewish comedians and a minor leaguer to be named later. A good deal.

High Noon for Sheriff Ben
—Is it Gary Cooper time for Pope Benedict?

Pope and the McCanns
—Expect to see this picture more often than O.J.’s Bronco

Marriage is the New Dating
—Marie Claire toasts the modern woman who disposes of her marriage as easily as cheap summer fashions.

Pope Benedict’s 2008 US visit may include Boston, DC and New York
——Details about Pope Benedict XVI’s much-anticipated apostolic journey to the United States next year have begun to emerge. Anticipated stops for the Pope’s first-ever US visit include, New York, Washington, Boston and possibly Baltimore.

USKKKB – U.S. Konference of Katholic Kollaborating Bishops?
—Will the USCCB do the right thing?