Bishop Lori Blogs on Plan B Decision
—It’s not like the science changed. The fight just got harder and the Bishops gave up.

Help! I Am Being Repressed!
—Lunatics are running the asylum in Sweden. I wonder if my wife knows how badly she has been repressed?

Hillary’s $5,000 Per Baby Will Ruin Lives
—Socialism breeds violence. Even in babies.

Saying Goodbye to Altar Rails and the Tabernacle in California
—While sanity prevails in some places, the wreck-ovation continues.

When Will The Dinosaurs Finally Become Extinct?
—Why did God make the dinosaurs extinct? He couldn’t take the condescension.

Bishop Murphy: No One Knows Where the Blessed Sacrament Is!
—Bishop Murphy’s letter to my parish. Remember where your are and put the Eucharist at the center!

ArchBishop Burke Refuses Communion to Connecticut Bishops
—Archbishop refuses communion to certain Connecticut residents who persist in manifest grave sin!

Plan D – Prevent Episcopal Implantation
—Justification for Episcopal Abortion

Connecticut Bishops Statement On Plan B and Catholic Hospitals
—Statement of the Connecticut Bishops.

Media Slams Justice Clarence Thomas
—What is his book actually about?