Cardinal George on the Motu Proprio
—‘We’re somewhere else now.’

Osbournes Opt for Euthanasia
—I say, why wait. And besides, isn’t Ozzy dead already?

Mad Scientist to Create New Life Form
—No one can stop me now!

Papal Nuncio on Dais with Pro-Abort Catholics
—WWABD or What would Archbishop Burke Do?

Priest Sued for Sermon
—You simply cannot make this stuff up!

The Award for the Ickiest Use of 9-11 Goes To….
—Shameless, simply shameless.

Our Lady of Lourdes Goes 2-3 in NLDS
—A little holy water in the dugout goes along way!

Funniest Headline I Saw Today — Senator Craig vows to stay in office.
—Let’s face it. If Senator Larry Craig had stayed in his office he wouldn’t be in this mess.

Bishop Murphy: No One Knows Where the Blessed Sacrament Is!
—Bishop Murphy’s letter to my parish. Remember where you are and put the Eucharist at the center!

Bishop Lori Blogs on Plan B Decision
—It’s not like the science changed. The fight just got harder and the Bishops gave up.

Help! I Am Being Repressed!
—Lunatics are running the asylum in Sweden. I wonder if my wife knows how badly she has been repressed?