When Popes Attack!
—Mahmoud is really a nice guy, the Pope is the real aggressor.

Nuns, Police in Riot Gear, Guitars and Tambourines
—Rebellious Nuns do the perp walk with tambourines in hand.

Pole Dancing Seven Year Olds
—It’s the end of the world as we know it!

Saint Francis and Virgin Mary Get Evicted
—Garden Gnomes now have the run of the place.

Ahmadinejad – In the Movies
—If Mahmoud ever gets tired of the crazy dictator role, here are some other roles for him.

Sooner Insanity
—Oklahoma Priest objects to the motu proprio.

Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Bias
—”DAMNED! Pope’s Narrow Beliefs Deny Afterlife To Non-Catholics”

Cardinal George on the Motu Proprio
—‘We’re somewhere else now.’

The World’s Easiest Job
—This goes way beyond the pot calling the kettle black!