There are misleading headlines and there are misleading headlines.

The Times UK boldly declares!
Pope attacks Iran at Jewish Congress

Oh my! The Pope must have really done it this time. What could he possibly have said to warrant such a headline.

Did he say that Mahmoud is pure evil and that he hopes Bush drops a house on him soon? No.

Did he say Iran’s relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons makes it a rogue state that needs immediate regime change? No.

Did he say that Mahmoud is a nutter determined to bring on the Apocalypse and thus bring the return of the Mahdi? No.

No. What the Pope said to the Jewish congress is that anti-semitism and Iran are ““an issue of big concern” to him. I know, I know. That crazy Pope is determined to start a war.

So Mahmoud, who is a rabid anti-semite and is actually determined to start a war, gets treated with kid gloves. But the Pope is treated like the real aggressor for being “concerned”. No agenda there, right?

This ridiculous headline is now being carries on I also hear the Fox is considering a new un-reality show, “When Popes Attack!”