I’m Counter-Cultural, Who Knew?
—Sometimes having a larger family is all the witness you need.

Two Prison Inmates to Marry
—Two men in federal prison in Quebec will marry later this month. Talk about doing hard time.

Remember the Eucharist?
—It’s good to see a discussion of refocusing the Church on the Eucharist.

Disney Cuts God
—Disney has demanded that the mention of God be removed from all advertisements for the upcoming animated feature, “The Ten Commandments.”

Three Percent Would Pray
—The logic challenged Brits lose Pascal’s wager.

The Latin Mass, Hitler, Martin Luther, and Much More!
—One of the more staggeringly crazy rants to date. Not to be missed!

Sympathy for the Devil
—But whats puzzling you, Is the nature of my game.

San Fran Church Publishes Queer Letter in Bulletin
—Sister Delta Goodhand writes “Thanks for the sacrilege.”

Dumb or Dumber:The Larry Craig / Pete Townshend Defense
—Believing Monsignor Stenico might be worse than not believing him.