I was driving my kids to school this morning and the three girls in the backseat were playing with their Barbies.

I fear that my being home is producing a deleterious effect on my girls as they had their Barbies battling one of Superman’s arch enemies Solomon Grundy.

One of the girls had her Barbie vow to kill Grundy. Well this put a stop to the backseat. There was a gasp from the other two girls. They whispered to her, “Dad said we’re not allowed to say kill ever ever never.”

Now, I don’t remember promulgating a ban on saying kill but it’s guite possible. I’m quite the rash promulgator at times. So there was a quick conference and an agreed upon solution between the girls. “MAKE SOLOMON GRUNDY DIE!!!!!!!” they whelped. And to them this seemed fine. I just felt a little defeated.

I think I have to talk to my wife about getting home from work earlier. Not that I want them to be braiding Solomon Grundy’s hair or anything but my girls constantly seem embroiled in these epic affairs of good and evil. Something tells me that if I worked outside the home they’d be a lot more into what skirt looked better rather than which skirt allowed for the best round house kick to the undead.