Spitzer Now Taxing Christmas
—NY Governor plays grinch.

Bishop Wants to Legalize Brothels
—Is Bishop Crispian Hollis the Mario Cuomo of Bishops?

For the Liturgically Impaired
—Happy Clappy Liturgy at Steubenville.

This Was The Terrorist’s Plan All Along!
—Terrorists are against Christmas. Now they have gone too far!

Headline Prognostication
—Media Guide to anti-papal headlines.

American Cities Angry At Pope
—Major metropolitan newspapers are going negative on the Pope because he’s not coming to their fair cities.

Lesbian Episcopal Priest is Shy About Praying on Television
—Too bad she is not shy about some other things.

Brave, Brave Priestesses
—The Curt Jester channels Monty Python. That Bishop has really nasty, big, pointy teeth, and a vicious streak a mile wide!

With Great Power
—Patrick reflects upon the responsibilities of a Catholic blogger.

New Jersey Forces Pharmacists to Administer Abortifacient
—Will the force of law become the enforcement of law?

Baltimore’s New Archbishop Removes Pastor
—Baltimore’s new archbishop seems to be taking his job very seriously.