Oh No! I Killed the Universe
—Remember, you break you buy it! The Heisenberg uncertainty principle writ large.

What Matters is What is Revered
—The Culture divide between the Catholic and the Orthodox.

Fr. Barron on Christopher Hitchens’ Book, Part 2
—Occam’s Razor and Cherry Pie.

Anglicans on the Agenda and Benedict is a Beacon
—Some interesting reports on the Pope and the Anglicans and the possible larger implications.

Lunatic Fringe Goes Mainstream
—Pioneers in embryonic stem cell research admit the “ethical” problems.

Episcopal Bishop Swims Tiber
—Bishop John Lipscomb of Southwest Florida seeks reception in the Catholic Church.

Why Can’t I Be the New Anything?
—Matthew wonders if stupidity is the “new” intelligent.

Please Don’t Pray at Mass!
—Long Island Pastor decries the bad ol’ days when the Mass was “incomprehensible.”

ACLU: No More Praying in Public
—The ACLU of Indiana in an example of “if at first you don’t succeed try try again”

Will the Real Anglicans Please Stand Up?
—Traditional Anglicans explain their proposed unity with Rome.

Pot Calling Kettle
—This quote from Anglicans qualifies for the Irony World Championship.