Rowan Williams Goes Into the Closet
—Does Secret ‘Gay’ Eucharist signal the end of the Anglican Communion.

Rudy Was Honest About His Dishonesty
—All above board, no worries. Well, except for the cheating thing.

No Wonder Liturgy is Often Ugly
—Formless, hastily made, theologically vacuous, emotion-driven rather than content-driven. This does not bode well.

Catholic Colleges Fail Condom Study
—Might there still be some Catholics at these Catholic Schools?

Memories Best Forgotten
—Communion with the Clowns

Catholic Church to Bless Same Sex Marriages
—Hoping for a swift Episcopal Smackdown!

Church Converts By Being Rock of Stability…Evil Bastards!
—Pope is unfairly converting protestants by preaching the truth. That is dirty pool.

The Death Certificate of the New Mass Has Now Been Signed
—Bishop Fellay of the SSPX on the Motu Prorio, the Church, the Pope, and more.

Italian Bishop Suspends Priests for Insisting on Latin Mass Only.
—Bishop Renato Corti of Novara, Itay, has suspended 3 priests who refused to celebrate a novus ordo Mass on Sunday

Catholic Bishop is Actually Catholic!
—Nothing shows compassion like abandoning your principles.

Doctor Could Lose License for Being a Christian
—A family doctor in England is facing losing her license for daring to suggest to women seeking an abortion that they should think twice.

Why Can’t I Be the New Anything?
—Matthew wonders if stupidity is the “new” intelligent.