Kasper the Unfriendly?
—Cardinal tries to throw cold water on proposed Anglican Unity, but the Pope may be warmer to the idea.

The Wisdom of Cormac McCarthy
—Great wisdom from “our greatest living writer” that didn’t make into the movie.

Synods: Not What They Hoped To Be
—Progressives are frustrated that Synods are not little Vatican IIs.

Our Disastrous Trip to Santa
—Dude! Get off the phone and let’s hear some Ho Ho Ho’s.

Vocations: A Different Breed
—The new breed of men entering the seminary.

Caveat Pre-Emptor
—Bishops document on music comes with built in excuses for ignoring it.

Scientists Discover Truth in The Bible! Again!
—There’s a thing mentioned in the Bible. Scholars, scientists, and all sorts of snooty people say it doesn’t really exist. Wrong again!

Rowan Williams Goes Into the Closet
—Does Secret ‘Gay’ Eucharist signal the end of the Anglican Communion.

Rudy Was Honest About His Dishonesty
—All above board, no worries. Well, except for the cheating thing.