Rudy Speaks in Code on Homosexuality
—Rudy said what? What did he actually say while trying to say nothing.

Taxing Babies In An Upside Down World
—As if babies are not taxing enough?

Nun Cusses After Mass
—Sister Kathy @#!$% gives the kids an earful. Does she kiss her Mother with that mouth?

Nuns A Plenty Need Help
—On another note –The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, have new nuns coming out of the woodwork.

Gay Episcopal Bishop: “I Always Wanted to be a June Bride.”
—Gene Robinson adds insult to injury. Bye-bye Anglican Communion.

The Lost Art of Mockery
—Damian Thompson is a master mocker.

The Failure of Protestantism
—Has the Protestant experiment run out of steam?

Vatican’s Sloppy Filing
—Misfile some bills? Ok. Misplace some indulgences? Sure. Misfile a Michelangelo? Heads should roll!