—Germans get a church like this while I get a chicken coop. Not Fair!

Britney Spears in Talks to Play Virgin Mary
—Matthew has some suggestions for rounding out the cast.

Protect Pedestrians, Let Priests Marry
—Let the crack heads marry!

Nominal Catholic Reporter
—NCRs groovy trip down memory lane. Dutch Dominicans, Schillebeeckx, and more.

Catholic University Discovers Amazing Recording of Catholics Protesting Nazis
—An archivist at Catholic University is prepared to turn conventional wisdom on its ear with the discovery of a unique recording of a televised Catholic protest against Nazis as early as 1938.

Mitt’s Notes on Religion
—Read this very funny poke at Gov. Mitt Romney’s speech on religion last week at The Weekly

Rudy Speaks in Code on Homosexuality
—Rudy said what? What did he actually say while trying to say nothing.

Nun Cusses After Mass
—Sister Kathy @#!$% gives the kids an earful. Does she kiss her Mother with that mouth?

Nuns A Plenty Need Help
—On another note –The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, have new nuns coming out of the woodwork.