Stained Glass: St. John’s at Newman Hall
—Website displays impressive collection of stained glass.

The Good News About Jamie Lynn Spears
—How many 16 year old girls who are starring in a hit show on Nickelodeon would risk their careers by having the baby when they could secretly run off to an abortion clinic and “take care” of the problem?

First AARP, Then Priesthood
—Well they are young by Methuselah’s standards.

People Don’t Want Latin Mass
—How do you define ‘groundswell?’. It is not like the Church is giving away I-Phones.

Catholic League to Huckabee: Enough With the Jesus
—Our favorite cranky Uncle tells Huckabee to cool it.

The End of the Episcopal Church?
—Is this the end of the Episcopal Church as we know it?

Read Me: Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss
—A conversion story, a defense of reason, and just what is Anglican-ism anyway?

Jesuits Want to Know If You Can Find A Latin Mass
—Let them know your experience.

Vasa Matter? Nothing!
—Catholic Bishop with “spiritual testosterone!” tells it like it is.