Bishops Get Scolded For Taking Faith Seriously
—”Faith education works all right as long as people are not that serious about their faith.” Huh?

Our Way or The Highway
—Why don’t these darned immigrants just speak English! Intolerance from an unusual source.

Tony Is No Great Catch for Antediluvian Dictatorship
—Good ol’ fashioned anti-catholic vitriol–with a twist!.

Friday Funnies
—Don’t miss these videos! Cooties…You could have it and not even know it. — Tim Hawkins on Marriage.

SS Progressive Titanic
—As the progressive liturgical Titanic sinks, the officers assure us there is nothing to worry about. NCR Editorial.

When the Electric Guitar Sounds During Mass, The Cherubim Weep
—Matthew: Beautiful music is forceful evidence of the existence of God.

Yeah, That Ought To Do It!
—More Catholics attend Church than Anglicans in the UK. The Anglicans have the answer!

Tony Blair Now a Catholic! Really?
—A little public repudiation of past policy may be in order.

Fr. Barron on Christmas
—Christmas is a subversive feast. Another part of a video series from