The Curt Jester asks the hard questions. Are you a Homophobe-phobe? And if you are, is it your fault? Or put a different way, is being offended a genetic defect? Shouldn’t the Gov’t be doing something about these horrible genetically defective homophobe-phobes?


Archbishop Chaput on the First Things Blog:Better Citizens, More Faithful Catholics.
A snippet:

Catholic is a word that has real meaning. We don’t control or invent that meaning as individuals. We inherit it from the gospel and the experience of the Church over the centuries. We can choose to be something else, but if we choose to call ourselves Catholic, then that word has consequences for what we believe and how we act. We can’t truthfully claim to be Catholic and then act as though we’re not.

And because it made me laugh out loud…

Mr. Bettinelli is the World’s finest purveyor of Llama Chutes
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and next on my reading list…

Chance or Purpose? Creation, Evolution, and a Rational Faith by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

In this book, Cardinal Schönborn responds to his critics by tackling the hard questions with a carefully reasoned “theology of creation”. Can we still speak intelligently of the world as “creation” and affirm the existence of the Creator, or is God a “delusion”? How should an informed believer read Genesis? If God exists, why is there so much injustice and suffering? Are human beings a part of nature or elevated above it? What is man’s destiny? Is everything a matter of chance or can we discern purpose in human existence?