You Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape
—Archbishop Burke does his job.

Reserve A Room At the Looney Bin
—Tom Cruise has got the Crazy eyes! Don’t stare into them or his Scientology super powers will get you!

This is Why I Don’t Like Huckabee
—Matthew provides an example of why Huckabee is Ickabee.

Pope’s Trip Cancelled, Western Civilization Doomed
—So a bunch of atheist punks stopped the pope from coming to speak. And Ivy League colleges embrace Islamic terrorists. Doomed.

Atheism on the March…To the Courtroom
—Do Atheists have nothing better to do?

Adios Amigos and Meet my Gay Lover!
—A Lutheran Pastor in Pennsylvania came out to his flock and then resigned before they could fire him. Of course, the God Fearin’ bigots are to blame for his departure.

Tolerant Students Won’t Tolerate Pope
—Students at Rome’s main La Sapienza University plan to disrupt Pope Benedict XVI’s planned visit to their campus later this week with blasts of loud rock music.

Never Give Up!
—The inspiring story of a young man of faith and his amazing recovery.

In Search of Fred
—CMR buddy, former star of the Apprentice, and former congressional candidate goes to New Hampshire in search of Fred Thompson.