Yale Celebrates Abortion With Most Satanic Quotes I’ve Ever Read
—Life means nothing at Yale. Article from the Yale Daily News contains some of the most awful if not downright satanic quotes we’ve ever read.

Archbishop Burke Criticizes Saint Louis U. Basketball Coach
—University’s defense: Don’t worry, we’re not really Catholic.

The Battle of Falkirk
—”New Style” Priest gets yanked and his mission sold. After what I read, I am cool with that.

Saving Movies for my Wife Has Destroyed My Taste in Movies
—Before I got married I never would’ve dreamed about having someone save a movie for me. And I wouldn’t have listened to anyone who asked me to save a movie for them.

Shortest Books Ever Written
—Ignatiophiles Karen Hall and Joe Garcia top the list.

There is Something Cold About It
—Modern Church Architecture gives me a chill.

Psuedo History: Father Lady
—They just make it up. Advocacy disguised as scholarship.

ESPN Anchor Curses Jesus
—Media yawns. Say the same thing about Muhammad and see what happens.

Rudy Switches Tactics
—His 911 point plan to fix the economy.

Read Me! Over Their Dead Bodies or Mine!
— Father McCartney reminds us of our obligation to take care of our parents in life and in death.