I Want:
—Matthew ponders the little ways we can be good.

Gay Marriage Marches On
—Parents cannot opt out of gay ‘marriage’ indoctrination in Massachusetts. What doe the future hold?

Newsweek Catholic Columnist Uncomfortable With Teaching Kids About God
—”Sometimes I think it is easier to talk to my daughter about sex than about God. Perhaps that’s because I have a pretty good idea where babies come from, but I’m still a little fuzzy on the details about God.”

Jesuit Who Was Ordered To Stop Saying Latin Mass Dies
—Jesuit Fr. Philip L. Bourret, reportedly ordered by his superiors in March 2006 to stop saying the traditional Latin Mass or face suspension, died Jan. 29

Crucifixion? It Wasn’t That Bad, Says Professor
—Marxist: Jesus got off easy!

Archbishop Chaput Accused of Stealing Milk from Babies
—Rocky Mountain News to Archbishop: When did you stop beating your wife?

CMR in the Morning
—Podcast of CMR on Sacred Heart Radio.

Take Off You Hoser!
—Don’t get sick in Canada, eh? Or you are a goner!

Georgetown to Stay Catholic? Well Kind Of?
—Editorial: Georgetown should call itself Catholic without actually being Catholic.

Bill Clinton Mistakenly Says What He Really Thinks
—Bill Clinton wants to slow the economy even more, for the sake of the children of course!

Jesuits Will “Study” Pope’s Request That They Act Catholic
—Jesuit Superior General to Pope: We’ll get back to you on that!