Thank You Planned Parenthood
—If Planned Parenthood hates you enough to make a commercial against you, you can’t be all bad.

McCain Calls for Waterboarding Clemens
—In a stunning move designed to make his candidacy more appealing to pro-torture conservatives, Sen. John McCain has called for the water-boarding of the Cy Young Award winning pitcher..

Slate: Obama is Natural Choice for Catholics
—Slate Magazine seems to believe that Catholics Should Vote for Barack Obama. Gimme a break.

What A Copt Out
—Egyptian Court allows 12 men to reconvert to Christianity. This is not all good news.

Hillary Caption Contest
—Oh No. What Won’t Bill Richardson Do For the Vice Presidency?

Spielberg Blinks: Re-Thinks Links with ….um…Chinese
—Director ends involvement with Chinese government over human rights abuses.

Tet Offensive
—The more things change in Vietnam, the more they stay the same.

Close Encounters of the Mosaic Kind
—New mosaics added to the front facade of the crypt entrance of the Basilica at Lourdes: Is the best we could do?

Lent Re-branded as ‘Christian Ramadan’
—Maybe the Dutch should be re-branded as ‘Dumb Germans’

Headline: “Cold wave in India attributed to global warming “
—Environmentalists are not slaves to the principle of non-contradiction. (Nod to Rutler)