Nominations are now open for the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards.

First the rules, we need to be nominated. Apparently, one nomination does not cut it. Only those sites that have a significant number of nominations in each category will be available for voting when the polls open on March 3, 2008.

So, dear readers, if we have ever managed to give you a laugh, to make you cry, or even make you think. (This last one is not so likely) then why not give us the nod for nomination in some relevant categories.

  • Best New Catholic Blog
  • Funniest Catholic Blog
  • Best Designed Catholic Blog
  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Overall Catholic Blog
  • Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog
  • Best Written Catholic Blog

Failure to nominate us will have severe consequences. Unless we make it onto the final list for several of the above categories, for a period no less than six months we promise to do nothing but long posts on the subjects of “The proper percentage of beeswax in liturgical candles”, “The proper care and treatment of 19th century pipe organs, A Spiritual Journey”, and “In depth profiles on the virtues of Sr. Joan Chittister and Fr. Richard McBrien” (Well o.k. these last ones probably won’t be that long.)

So, if you wish to avoid this fate, please run on over to the Catholic Blog Awards site and nominate CMR.

P.S. Creative Minority Report cannot confirm or deny at this time rumors that the Pope has offered a plenary indulgence for anyone who nominates and eventually votes for CMR. We are making every effort to determine the validity of the indulgence. We anticipate an answer shortly after the voting ceases on March 17th. Stay tuned for updates.