Another Look at Wheeling, West Virginia
—This is perhaps one of the purest liturgical images of the twentieth century.

2008 Catholic Blog Awards – Nominations
—Nominate CMR for the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards or there will be consequences.

Hints of Things To Come
—PCED Letter: Seminarians have the right to be trained in the Extraordinary Form.

New Look for CMR
—We are doing some early spring cleaning. Tell us what you think.

Charles Barkley: Conservatives are Fake Christians
—It’s ugly. It’s gruesome. A political suicide on live television

WaPo: “Is Polyamory the Look of Modern Love?”
—”It is about loving your primary partner enough to love that they have a new secondary partner.”

Sister Rosalind Moss
—Apologist, TV and radio host is founding her own community of sisters.

What is the Matrix?
—Father Barron on “The Matrix” (Part 1)

Thank You Planned Parenthood
—If Planned Parenthood hates you enough to make a commercial against you, you can’t be all bad.

McCain Calls for Waterboarding Clemens
—In a stunning move, Sen. John McCain has called for the water-boarding of the Cy Young Award winning pitcher..