It’s The Humility, Stupid
—Two paths to unity diverge is a wood. My hope lies with the one less traveled.

Obama’s Preacher: Fair Game?
—Romney had to answer for his religion. Shouldn’t Obama answer too?

McCain’s Denial is Evasive
—You’re a two-timing, lying, degenerate drunk. Not True. I don’t drink.

Waiting in a Prayer-Filled Quietness
—Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion gives me great hope for unity.

Church is Searching for Jesus
—Casting agent has found 12 Apostles and a Judas but they’re still searching for Jesus. Can you be Jesus?

Obama’s a Pregnant Woman at an Abortion Rally
—Celebrity endorsements just ain’t what they used to be.

Backlash: The Islamicization of Europe
—Dutch politician ‘hates’ Islam. It appears the feeling is mutual.

More Crying Babies at Tridentine Mass than English Mass
—Anti-baby radicals oppose traditional Latin Mass.