Gorbachev at the Tomb of St. Francis
—Gorbachev confirms the greatness of God’s ways.

Hitting on Depressed Women
—It’s the sadder but wiser girl for me.

Osama Slams Pope, Journalists in a Quandry
—”It’s Lex Luthor versus Hannibal Lecter…I just don’t know who to root for.”

We Are Hopeful About Change
—CMR Catholic Blog Award win is clearly a mandate for change. And Hope. And Hope about change …

Mom, Do You Wish I Died Too?
—A young person highlights that the effects of abortion reach unexpected places. Those that lived.

CMR Wins Best New Blog!
—The results from the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards are in and CMR makes the grade!

Catholic Drugstore Not Up With The Times
—A drugstore owned by the Catholic Church sends clients asking for condoms to competition.

It’s Not About Me
—All of life’s wisdom in five seconds or less.

‘Tis A Silly Place
—The National Cathedral has what on its facade? You can’t be serious. Exactly.

What’s so Right About Casual Sex?
—Why do we have to prove a negative when the facts speak for themselves?