CNN Criticizes Miley Cyrus’ Love for Jesus
—The path to perdition starts with love of Jesus?

I Haven’t Seen A Pope This Confused Since…
—Pope is Episcopalian, again. (No, not that Pope). There is a joke in here somewhere…

Poll About Pope You Won’t See Anywhere
—Poll: Panzer Pope Pretty Popular … Media: Yawn.

Suffering from Electile Dysfunction?
—Do weak and watered down candidates leave you feeling limp?

The Art of Dissent
—Dissent is art form best done under the cover of darkness. Richard McBrien is its master.

Latest from Painter Leonard Porter
—New York painter Leonard Porter has recently completed a wonderful new image of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Vote Kevorkian … Or Else!
Humor! CMR supports Dr. Death for Congress with these bumper stickers and campaign buttons!

Abortion -Yes. Mercy- No
—An upside down world where murder is mercy and mercy is unheard.

Newsweek Has Obamamania
—Newsweek has proven itself once again to be suffering from an acute case of Obamamania.