Obama: Babies and STD’s Are Punishments
—Presidential Hopeful equates children with sexually transmitted diseases.

Three Brothers To Become Priests
—”Our journeys are all very unique and each of us have our own gifts to offer the church.”

It’s Morning Again In The Catholic Church
—After decades of darkness, is morning finally breaking? A tribute.

We’re Outnumbered!
—Muslims more numerous than Catholics: Vatican

Tattoos For Your Tike?
—Are your kids ready to be inked?

Book: Catholic Laura Igraham Anti Semitic
—File this one under random accusations of anti-semitism. No evidence needed.

Didn’t He Say No to a Flag Pin?
—For Obama Political Problems trump Principles in Flag Flap.

At Villanova, Politics Trump Morality
—Academic hipness trumps Augustinian Tradition.

Bring Out Your Dead!
—I’m feeling better. Shut up, you are brain dead.

CNN Criticizes Miley Cyrus’ Love for Jesus
—The path to perdition starts with love of Jesus?

The Art of Dissent
—Dissent is art form best done under the cover of darkness. Richard McBrien is its master.

Latest from Painter Leonard Porter
—New York painter Leonard Porter has recently completed a wonderful new image of St. Therese of Lisieux.