Pope Benedict XVI Blazing His Own Path
—Surprising mainstream media coverage of Pope Benedict. Patrick’s analysis.

Now I Have Seen Everything
—This is the craziest accommodation of Islam I have seen. We are all doomed.

The Wrong Wake
—A good, funny and touching story by Jennifer about going to a wake.

I Love Conversion Stories
—I love conversion stories. I do. So I love stories like this.

Illogic from Secularists
—Secularists want their sexuality both ways. Wait a second…

Rabbi Rosen — You Just Got Punk’d!
—Vatican Statement on Prayer for the Jews

Bye Bye Ben-Hur
—Legendary actor, civil rights leader and political activist Charlton Heston passed away today, at the age of 84.

Pope to Meet With Jews, Promises Not To Pray For Them
—Pope Promises to Prevent Opprobrious Prayers. Rabbis Ready to Repudiate.

An April Fool’s Tragedy
—There is something scary about a five year old comedy critic.

Shocker! Fr. Andrew Greeley in the Obama Camp
—Fr. Andrew Greeley jumps to the defense of his savior. Obama.

Would He or Wouldn’t He?
—Chief Justice John Roberts and Roe v. Wade. A debate.