“I Will Go In Their Stead”
—Such uncommon valor shines a light in the darkness.

I Heart The Pitter-Patter of Carbon Footprints
—Show your love of the planet! Populate it!

Cardinal Kasper: Pray and Witness to the Jews
—Dual covenant theology, I don’t think so!

WaPo: Three Kids? You Showoffs
—WaPo gives new meaning to ‘Keeping up with the Jones”

God Bless Everyone, No Exceptions
—The first ever bumper sticker bleg.

I Won’t See Leatherheads
—I can suspend disbelief for liberals, but not for the mean.

No Latin Mass Without SSPX?
—Is this really an axiom which we can take on faith? I am not so sure.

Pope Benedict XVI Blazing His Own Path
—Surprising mainstream media coverage of Pope Benedict. Patrick’s analysis.

Now I Have Seen Everything
—This is the craziest accommodation of Islam I have seen. We are all doomed.

Illogic from Secularists
—Secularists want their sexuality both ways. Wait a second…