Kiss Religious Freedom Goodbye
—So much for religious freedom. Today, Christians need not apply.

Deny Communion To Our Soldiers
—Vox Nova urges the denial of communion to our soldiers.

To Hell With You Misogynists
—Elton John thinks Obama supporters hate women. Maybe they just hate that woman,

Gordon Brown on Fire, Bush Cool
—Brown boycotts and the Chinese fire back!

“I Will Go In Their Stead”
—Such uncommon valor shines a light in the darkness.

I Heart The Pitter-Patter of Carbon Footprints
—Show your love of the planet! Populate it!

Cardinal Kasper: Pray and Witness to the Jews
—Dual covenant theology, I don’t think so!

WaPo: Three Kids? You Showoffs
—WaPo gives new meaning to ‘Keeping up with the Jones”

God Bless Everyone, No Exceptions
—The first ever bumper sticker bleg.

I Won’t See Leatherheads
—I can suspend disbelief for liberals, but not for the mean.

No Latin Mass Without SSPX?
—Is this really an axiom which we can take on faith? I am not so sure.

Pope Benedict XVI Blazing His Own Path
—Surprising mainstream media coverage of Pope Benedict. Patrick’s analysis.