Barack Belittle Barack No Slick
—A small poem in honor of Barack Obama for sticking his foot in his mouth.

Cage Match: Pope Benedict vs. Diversity
—Newsday pits Benedict against the modern world.

Keeping Score
—In marriage, when you play for a tie nobody wins.

Tabernacle Back Where It Belongs
—Bishop Murphy: Tabernacle in center of the Church means Eucharist at the center of our lives.

Shine On You Crazy Jesus
—Some video proof of my first communion nightmare.

A First Communion Nightmare
—I need to tell you a story. It is not a nice story. The horror of my daughter’s first communion rehearsal.

Barack Obama Looks Down his Nose at You
—Barack Obama understands why you jobless, gun-toting, religious types are so bitter.

Peggy Noonan – I Think I Knew That
—Peggy Noonan has the uncanny ability tell you something you already know yet still surprise.

Santorum Calls Out “Catholic” Colleges
—The importance of a real Catholic education.

Man of Steele
—Devout Catholic on the sort list for Veep?