Programming Note
—Listen to the wit and wisdom of Matthew on Sacred Heart Radio.

Good Morning America Goes Negative on Pope
—The single most deceptive, mean spirited, and negative comment we have seen.

No Communion For The Usual Suspects
—The American Life League doesn’t pull punches and they are naming names.

Humor! Are You A Bitter Bumpkin?
—Are you a Church going, gun toting, free-trade hating racist? Obama has the answer!

Cage Match: Pope Benedict vs. Diversity
—Newsday pits Benedict against the modern world.

Closet Catholic In the White House?
—Might President Bush really be Catholic?

Keeping Score
—In marriage, when you play for a tie nobody wins.

Tabernacle Back Where It Belongs
—Bishop Murphy: Tabernacle in center of the Church means Eucharist at the center of our lives.

Shine On You Crazy Jesus
—Some video proof of my first communion nightmare.

A First Communion Nightmare
—I need to tell you a story. It is not a nice story. The horror of my daughter’s first communion rehearsal.