Amazing. One would think the after the multicultural musical mayhem that occurred yesterday at National’s Stadium, that your average ‘catholic’ progressive would be basking in the glow of this liturgical train wreck for weeks. Not so. Some progressives are equally upset about the mass.

There are so many things that one could be upset about when it comes that liturgy that it would be the work of days to try and list them. Leave it to the Associated Press and their cadre of perpetual dissenters to uncover one I hadn’t even thought of. The AP is upset that there were no Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

Amazing. One of the only things that went right in the liturgy is the one thing the AP and their cohort of typical dissenters will focus on.

But Pope Benedict XVI’s Mass in the nation’s capital Thursday was also different from a typical service in another way: Lay people were not asked to distribute Communion, which was administered exclusively by 300 priests and deacons.

Organizers of the Mass at Nationals Park were only following the letter of church law. But to some Roman Catholics, the ceremony was symbolic of what they see as Benedict’s desire to erect clear boundaries between clergy and lay people.

What he wants to do really is to reinforce the old categories and classifications — different roles for different people,” said David Gibson, author of books on Benedict and the future of the U.S. church.

You absolutely have to love these guys. They are more disciplined than any political candidate that I can think of. They are never happy and never off message. Everyone to the right of Sr. Joan Chittister is wailing and gnashing their teeth over this embarrassing debacle and progressives still aren’t happy.

Patty Olszewski, 51, of Potomoc, Md., was disappointed about the lack of lay Eucharistic ministers — she is one.

She describes herself as an anti-abortion Catholic who wishes the church would at least consider women priests and disagrees with church teaching against homosexuality. Even so, she said she’s happy with her role and feels like she’s contributing.

“In everyday life, you don’t feel oppressed by any sort of hierarchy because it’s so heavily populated by the laity,” Olswewski said. “That’s ‘We the People.’ The church is all of us.”

These rad-trendies will always stick to the talking points and will never be satisfied no matter how crazy things get. Recognition of this fact should give the Pope and the hierarchy the message that there is no satisfying these people. It is time to move on. Put an end to this nonsense once and for all. Reform the liturgy. Now. Let the chips fall where they may.