Scandalous Jesus Bio Set for Release
—Director of “Basic Instinct” will make scandalous claims about Jesus and Mary in an upcoming biography about Jesus.

The Pipes, The Pipes Are Galling
—In the EU, Big Brother is not only watching, he is listening too. He does not like what he hears.

I Didn’t Know Scooby Was Catholic
—I would have gone to Hell if it weren’t for your darn kids!

Where are the “Necessary” Partial Birth Abortions?
—One year later, where is the evidence?

Wonderful Story About a Sick Boy and the Pope
—A great story about the Pope’s visit to New York and a child with Muscular dystrophy.

Alaska Governor (And Possible Veep) Punished by Baby
—Governor sees blessings where Obama see punishment.

Bible and Liturgy Conference with Scott Hahn
—September 19 and 20th at Mundelein Seminary. Be there AND be square.

Fmr. Presidential Candidate Attacks Pope
—Tancredo takes the express train to irrelevance.

Dems Talk Potential Life
—”I Haven’t…. Ummm…. I Don’t think that…. Ummmm…. Well, potentially…..

Benedict XVI: The Pope of the Council
—Here is the thing about Pope Benedict and the Council; His words and speeches are not mere lip service, he means it.