Goshen College student, Emily Miller shows off her support for her candidate for president on the door of her dorm room. (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune / April 29, 2008)I am not sure if it will help him much, but Barack Obama seems to have locked up the college-aged Mennonite vote. At Goshen College, a Mennonite institution, a recent poll among the students shows that the messiah of death leads among the students.

[Chicago Tribune]The political fervor on campus coalesces around Obama. A campus poll of students and faculty found the Illinois senator was their first choice, McCain was second and Clinton third. But before drawing conclusions from that poll, be aware that these students bring a different point of view to the political arena. They aren’t much interested in all the campaign spinning over who said what. For instance, flaps over Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. or accounts of sniper fire in Bosnia may have played in headlines across the nation day after day, but they are barely mentioned here. If pressed on those things, students say they have no interest in the backbiting but focus instead on the big issues that influence their lives and religion.

I suppose that these youngins’ have yet to realize that Obama has no respect for religion or its ideals. Just ask the babies who survive an abortion. Oh yeah, you can’t. So you might ask yourself, why would our buggy driving brethren support Obama?

“Mennonites aren’t nationalistic,” said Thomas, who also is editor of the church’s magazine, The Mennonite. “They see themselves as global citizens. They are patriotic but view patriotism through the lens of What can we do that benefits the world?”

Obama views patriotism through a lens of how does it benefit Obama. Remember how he used to refuse to wear a flag pin? When times got rough he changed his tune about flags.

Anyway, my message to the Mennonites, (do they read blogs?) if you want to do something that benefits the world, you can start by not voting for Obama.