72-year-old Norman Schmidt is not a good guy. Schmidt was recently convicted of serious white collar crimes including:

[USnews]According to the Department of Justice, hundreds of investors gave Schmidt tens of millions of dollars. Schmidt and others said they would invest the money and promised monthly returns of between 2 and 200 percent.

But instead, Schmidt and others used the money for different purposes. During the course of the investigation, federal agents seized cash in roughly 60 bank accounts, property, eight NASCAR racecars, and one racing truck.

Like I said, not a good guy. However, the sentencing judge in Schmidt’s case might need some therapy as well. The judge sentenced Schmidt to a whopping 330 years in prison. I fairly certain that a 25-30 year sentence would have done the trick.

This sentence was prompted by federal sentencing guidelines. But they are only guidelines, the Judge need not follow them so strictly. Obviously, a 25 year sentence or a 330 year sentence does not make a real difference for Schmidt. He will die in prison either way.

The judge is obviously trying to make a point with this sentence. White collar crimes are serious crimes that destroy the lives of people if not done a the business end of a firearm. But I still think such a sentence for a 72 year old man is foolish.

Sentences such as this should be reserved for Nazis, serial killers, and men who wear speedos to the beach.

There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel for Schmidt. If he has been a lifelong Russian yogurt eater or happens to be a vampire, with good behavior he will be eligible for parole in 2289.