Remember the case where a couple of parents in Germany were fined for homeschooling their child. Well today it got a lot worse, according to World Net Daily.

The mother and father each have been ordered by a German judge to serve three-month prison terms after a prosecutor said he was unhappy with fines the family paid and he wanted the parents jailed.

The sentences for Juergen and Rosemarie Dudek were announced in Germany’s equivalent of a district court today in the state of Hesse, according to a staff attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association. The group, the premier homeschooling advocacy organization in the world, has been monitoring and helping in the Dudeks’ case since before a federal prosecutor announced his intention more than a year ago to see the parents behind bars.

This couple, like so many others, don’t send their children to school for religious reasons. And that is punishable with jail terms now. The parents have been fined before. It seems this prosecutor is obsessed with rooting out religion wherever he should find it.

Wolfgang Drautz, consul general for the Federal Republic of Germany, has commented on the issue, noting the government “has a legitimate interest in countering the rise of parallel societies that are based on religion.”

Boy oh boy. I tell ya’. Thank goodness that could never happen here, huh?

Just so you know, the California Teachers Association claimed recently in its brief for a lawsuit that could make homeschooling illegal, that allowing parents to homeschool their children without requiring a teaching credential will result in “educational anarchy.”

You know the kind of anarchy that results in higher test scores, responsible children, self confidence and faith. Ewww. They hate that kind.