So two weeks ago, we’re off to my daughter’s Brownie meeting. It was the end of the year party at the Brownie leader’s house so we pull up in the van and my eight year old says, “Uh, Dad. Bad news. Someone put an Obama sign on her lawn! We should tell her so she can throw it out. Do you want me just to go get it?”

Uh, no, I said. Then in my best authoritative voice I explained that I would explain it all later -and then I hoped they’d forget. My daughter obviously didn’t understand why someone who is nice to her could support someone her Dad said was evil. So throughout this whole end of year party, I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs that one of my children was going to ask about this. But thankfully no mention was made again and we escaped the party without incident.

My oldest, who is eight, doesn’t let anything go. Things rattle around silently for a while in her head but a few days later she asked why Obama was bad. I told her a few reasons like he wants to take more of our money and he thinks he can talk our enemies into being good. Having a long and knowledgeable background in “Justice League” cartoons, she knows that Lex Luthor is going to be bad no matter what he says so this point hit home.

But the main reason I’m a Republican is the life issue. But I’m not sure that babies being torn apart in the womb is a thought or an image I want to place in my child’s mind. Maybe I’m wrong about this but this is an evil I’m not sure I want to introduce into their lives just yet. My children have seen many pregnancies and they’ve always been accepted joyfully.

Right now, my children couldn’t even fathom a world where mothers kill their children. Telling them about this, seems to be crossing the Rubicon out of innocence and into adulthood.

How have you guys handled this?