No doubt that you have heard by now that there is a report that there is a Secret Vatican Commission (don’t you just love secret commissions!?) charged with reviewing a number of proposed changes to the ordinary form of the Roman rite, typically known as the Novus Ordo. This is the Mass that the “Spirit of VII” made. It seems that Pope Benedict would like to be become the mass that the documents of Vatican II made.

[NLM] The rite of the Mass could change. According to some indiscretions, Benedict XVI has charged the Congregation for Divine Worship to study some modifications in the liturgy. In particular, the Pope is said to have the intention to restore Latin for the formula for the Eucharistic consecration within the Mass in the “vernacular language”, i.e. the one celebrated in the different national languages. The same could happen to the formulae of Baptism, Confirmation, Confession and of the other sacraments. In addition, the exchange of peace among the faithful during the Mass, which today takes place prior to the distribution of the Eucharist, could be anticipated (as in the Ambrosian rite) to the offertory so as not to disturb the recollection that precedes Communion.

The article written by Ignazio Ingrao, religion writer of the Italian weekly Panorama,also mentions some of the Benedictine reforms by example that have been occurring such as more traditional vestments, the crucifix in the center of the altar, and kneeling for communion. Whether or not these reforms are to be institutionalized remains to be seen.

Hopefully we will get some confirmation in the near future whether or not this “secret commission” actually exists and if it does, some clarity on its mandate. If this commission does exist, I think that something of this magnitude needs a proper name in keeping with the solemnity of their charge. May I humbly suggest the following.

Commission to
Eliminate, &

Yes, I think that the SCREWLIBS commission would be a fitting name for such a noble endeavor. Don’t you?