Creative Minority Report readers will remember the photos some time back showing the progress of the new chapel at Thomas Aquinas College in California by architect Duncan Stroik. Well, Duncan was kind enough to forward some of the detailed shots he has from a more recent visit. For those who don’t know, Stroik is a faculty member of the Department of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame and a leader of the New Classical Movement within the Catholic Church. He has been a promoter and teacher for some 20 years now, but was somewhat ahead of the curve, and finally the Church has caught up with him. Notice here monolithic columns of genuine marble quarried in Italy as well as creative use of plaster to complete the building within the limits of budget. One also sees the move from Corinthian columns in the nave to Composite in the sanctuary, establishing an architectural hierarchy that corresponds with the liturgical hierarchy.

Enjoy! (click thumbnails for larger images)