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A Call to Arms (With no bullets)

This is one of the dopier things I have run across in the analysis of the Anglican meltdown. The solution to unity is not to hold your beliefs too strongly.

From Madeleine Bunting at the Guardian

If they did it over transubstantiation, they can find a way over gay priests

Anglicanism is built on ability to forge a middle road, and the shamefully vilified Rowan Williams is the man to do it today.

–Patrick on July 15 at 12:26 AM

The Character of Optimism

Bill Kristol write in the NY Times of Tony Snow

I could easily dilate on Tony’s impressive achievements in journalism and government, and on the remarkable abilities and manifold talents that made his professional accomplishments possible.

But I’ll remember Tony Snow more for his character than his career. I’ll especially remember the calm courage and cheerful optimism he displayed in his last three years, in the face of his fatal illness.

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— Patrick 7/14/08 8:20AM

Rumors and Rumors of rumors, but the end is not yet…

Rorate Caeli reports on rumors regarding a potential new appontment to the CDW

According to Rodari, a Cañizares appointment could have a double meaning: that of placing a non-liturgist and esteemed papal friend in a place in which it would be useful to have a man with administrative skills, “faithful to the Pope and capable of taking certain decisions, possibly troublesome, which the correct administration of divine worship frequently requires”;

Hmmm? I wonder what kind of liturgical changes they might have in mind?


It is quite possibly the great prolife speech of our time…

From First Things

“We shall not weary, we shall not rest,” Richard John Neuhaus proclaims, “until every human being created in the image and likeness of God is protected in law and cared for in life.”

Everyone has read Fr. Neuhaus’ closing address at the annual convention of the National Right to Life Committee this month, yes? It is quite possibly the great prolife speech of our time—a marker of the present and a manifesto for the future.

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— Patrick